“It’s simple and does not get stuck in the pallet.”

– Steve N., Avnet

“The strapping tool has helped our workers. It’s made it far more easy for them to run strapping through the pallets.”

– Abraham E., Larson Packaging

“It’s fast, flexible and frustration free.”

– Stan P., Wesco

“Our employees like that they can use the tool standing up and how quickly they can get the straps through the pallet without getting stuck.”

– Edward J., Hercules Bolt & Mfg.

“Everyone really liked your feeder! When you’re ready, we will add it to our catalog.”

– Josh S., AllStrap

“They ‘LOVE’ the threading tool. It doesn’t get stuck and the strapping doesn’t come loose. Plus they can toss it and get it to go through 4 or 5 pallets in a row.”

– Brent V. , JIT Transportation

“We’ve been using the StrapBandit with great success. Our safety manager has observed improved ergonomic form by employees using the tool. We didn’t enforce use of the StrapBandit, yet employees willingly choose to use the new tool, which I would say signals a sign of success.”

– Jerry Rucker, ACCO Brands USA, LLC

“I could not thank you guys enough for your help with my work issue. This tool has saved me so much time and effort. Its effortless ability beats anything that I have tried. This will help so many people with physical limits and maybe help people to keep from being injured.”

– Emily R., San Jose CA

“I just placed the order for the second unit. We only received the StrapBandit yesterday, but after a couple of hours of use, it was obvious we needed to order a second. So far, our warehouse staff really likes the product. It is easy to use, saves your knees, and greatly speeds up the process of threading strap through a pallet. Thanks again for your help.”

– Michael T., Upspring Baby